Monday, July 9, 2007

Metallica at Wembly, July 2007

Metallica at Wembley - 08/07/07

It was Grants 21st Birthday about a month ago, and I was struggling to think of something to get him.  Anyway, I got a txt from Helen asking if I'd like to go to Metallica.  Naturally I said yes, and also thought it would be a pretty sweet present for Grant.  Especially since he had never been to a Concert.

So I booked the tickets, and after a month of waiting, it was finally time for the concert!!  Albeit a month after Grants Birthday... but who's counting.

Anyway, we caught the train into London, had a couple of Magners at Helens place, then headed to Wembly.  As Wembly is a brand new stadium, it was quite impressive.  The place is huge!!

As Impressive as the stadium was, nothing was at the stadium was as good as Metallica were.  They are just as good Live in real life as they are on DVD's ...and Albums for that matter.  The supporting Bands were nothing in comparison, even though Machine Head were one of the opening acts.

They played all the classics... Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, The Unforgiven, The Memory Remains, Seek and Destroy, Sad But True, ...And Justice For All and No Leaf Clover, as well as a couple of new songs from the upcoming Album.  It's going to Rock when it comes out, as the new stuff sounded awesome.  After playing for 2 and a half hours, we were a little disappointed that they didn't play Fuel, especially as it was the only song that Grant really wanted to see.

They put on a damn good show though, even though we were miles away from the stage.  Definitely worth the 40pounds!!