Monday, August 21, 2006

TechEd 2006 cont...

As previously mentioned, I am on the team from DTSL assisting with the setup etc of TechEd New Zealand 2006.  So far it's been pretty good.  Few stressful times when things don't work properly, but nothing that can't be fixed.  Key thing is to stay Cool, Calm and Collective.  Ha ha.  Anyway, Yesterday I racked up a solid 14 hours, and 12 on Saturday, so I'm starting to get sore feet from the running around.  It has also meant that I have barely had anytime to do anything other than work.  I haven't been up the Sky Tower yet like I intended, or been to the Casino... but thats another story...


Which will be told now because I can't remember what I was going to write. 

The Casino...

Kane, Andrew and I had been at dinner on Thursday, and as per the usual dinner thing, we had a couple of beers with dinner.  Afterwards we headed up to the Casino to take a look and maybe throw away some money.  Anyway, we're heading into the Entrance and the security guy stops us and asks if we had been drinking.  We said yeah, had a couple with Dinner... to which he replied, well I'm sorry but you are too "aneberated" to enter the Casino.  We looked at each other in disgust... and carried on our way.  Oh, and we got slapped with a 24hour ban too.  Obviously our money wasn't good enough for them. 


Today is obviously the first day of the event, and it's been fairly hectic with a few things not working the way they should...

A VPC didn't work and kept Blue Screening, so the speaker ended up using his Laptop to run it up, which was all good...

A Speaker had a crappy laptop that didn't work with the Projector...

And I think that's it so far. 


Anyway, my main area, the Servers, is all good.  They are running really well.  Kind of annoying because it doesn't give me anything to talk about. 


So thats about it from Day 1 of TechEd.  Might have some time tomorrow to write again if anything exciting happens.  But we'll see.





Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TechEd 2006



I'm up at the DTSL Greenlane office in Auckland at the moment, trying to install Windows Server 2003 x64 onto these Brand Spanking new HP Proliant ML350 G4p SAS Servers.  I'm like a kid in a toy shop!!!  So many cool things to play with.  That is there was...


Turns out Microsoft have sent the wrong Media CD's, so the x64 versions haven't worked like they were supposed to.  Now I'm trying the old and slow x86 version and it's almost time to see how it goes. 


I'm picking that tomorrow I will have to rebuild with a new x64 Media set.


Just In... x86 media wrong too.

Yes it has just come up asking for a second CD, which it shouldn't be doing according to the version label on the CD. 


Anyway, all that aside, I'm here in Auckland for TechEd 2006.  For those that don't know what TechEd is, go here because I'm sick of explaining it. 

For that last 2 years, DTSL has done all the Background work such as setting up the Servers and workstations for the Event.  This year we are doing it again, and I am on the team!!!  Hence why I am here building the Servers.  Dave Cumpstone was kind enough to entrust me with that responsibility, and aside from that Damn media being wrong, it's all going great. 


Anyway, I'm off to grab some dinner and head back to the Hotel... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I'm staying at the Ritz in Greenlane until Thursday, when we move to SkyCity for the rest of the event!!!  Woo hoo!!!


Like I said, Dinner.





Sunday, July 30, 2006

All Blacks and Snowboarding Day 2

This is an edit because I forgot all about the All Blacks game I went to last weekend. 

Jaxon and his Old Man came down last Saturday Evening to go to the game, so I went with them.  $120 for a ticket though.  But since I had never been to an All Black game (I write the full All Black name, because don't you hate the fags that call them the "AB's", I mean come on, they are supposed to be the most feared team in world rugby.  How can you be scared of anyone called the "AB's"), thought I'd go.  I stuck up a couple of pics in the photo section.  Nothing spectacular, but thats what this whole Blog business is all about.  Ha ha.




I finally got up the mountain again for the second time this year on Friday.  It was a pearla of a day.  Pity the snow was so hard packed, but I wasn't really too worried about that. 

Just to be up there cruising was awesome.  Took some pretty cool pics at a point between the High Noon and Jumbo T-Bars.  You'll see them in the photo section here

Headed out west quite a bit as that's where the best Black Diamond runs seem to be.  I haven't been out East a lot, so maybe I should get out there next time. 


Anyway, take a look at the pics, and I'm so looking forward to the end of August when I can hopefully get up there again. 






P.S - I forgot, I also  put up some pics of my Car that I took on the way home from Mt Ruapehu.  And the Panoramic shot consists of 7 photos taken between the High Noon and Jumbo T-Bars at Turoa. 


Check them out



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just for Adam

This post is just for Adam.  Since he is so bloody bored at work  


Anyway, I've just been looking through some of Grants photo's of Bath.  Looks like a pretty sweet place.  Kind of reminds me of some places in Germany that I went to.  Real old looking. 


Anyway, off to lunch, then back to Monthly Monitoring!!  Woo hoo!!!!  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Friday, July 14, 2006

All alone in little ol' NZ

Hey Ya'll


So, at the moment, I'm the only one here in NZ from my immediate family.  Grant is over in the UK (Bath to be precise) and Mum and David are in Hawaii!!!  WTF!!!  So yeah.  Anyway, kind of odd to find myself in this position.  I'm normally the one who is all alone in a country, but never NZ.  Anyway, time for dinner





Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Welcome to my first post



Welcome to my first post.  I'm kind of liking this whole MSN Spaces thing.  Pretty good idea.  Well, thats it for my first post, so...


Have a Happy Day