Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TechEd 2006



I'm up at the DTSL Greenlane office in Auckland at the moment, trying to install Windows Server 2003 x64 onto these Brand Spanking new HP Proliant ML350 G4p SAS Servers.  I'm like a kid in a toy shop!!!  So many cool things to play with.  That is there was...


Turns out Microsoft have sent the wrong Media CD's, so the x64 versions haven't worked like they were supposed to.  Now I'm trying the old and slow x86 version and it's almost time to see how it goes. 


I'm picking that tomorrow I will have to rebuild with a new x64 Media set.


Just In... x86 media wrong too.

Yes it has just come up asking for a second CD, which it shouldn't be doing according to the version label on the CD. 


Anyway, all that aside, I'm here in Auckland for TechEd 2006.  For those that don't know what TechEd is, go here because I'm sick of explaining it. 

For that last 2 years, DTSL has done all the Background work such as setting up the Servers and workstations for the Event.  This year we are doing it again, and I am on the team!!!  Hence why I am here building the Servers.  Dave Cumpstone was kind enough to entrust me with that responsibility, and aside from that Damn media being wrong, it's all going great. 


Anyway, I'm off to grab some dinner and head back to the Hotel... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I'm staying at the Ritz in Greenlane until Thursday, when we move to SkyCity for the rest of the event!!!  Woo hoo!!!


Like I said, Dinner.





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