Sunday, July 30, 2006

All Blacks and Snowboarding Day 2

This is an edit because I forgot all about the All Blacks game I went to last weekend. 

Jaxon and his Old Man came down last Saturday Evening to go to the game, so I went with them.  $120 for a ticket though.  But since I had never been to an All Black game (I write the full All Black name, because don't you hate the fags that call them the "AB's", I mean come on, they are supposed to be the most feared team in world rugby.  How can you be scared of anyone called the "AB's"), thought I'd go.  I stuck up a couple of pics in the photo section.  Nothing spectacular, but thats what this whole Blog business is all about.  Ha ha.




I finally got up the mountain again for the second time this year on Friday.  It was a pearla of a day.  Pity the snow was so hard packed, but I wasn't really too worried about that. 

Just to be up there cruising was awesome.  Took some pretty cool pics at a point between the High Noon and Jumbo T-Bars.  You'll see them in the photo section here

Headed out west quite a bit as that's where the best Black Diamond runs seem to be.  I haven't been out East a lot, so maybe I should get out there next time. 


Anyway, take a look at the pics, and I'm so looking forward to the end of August when I can hopefully get up there again. 






P.S - I forgot, I also  put up some pics of my Car that I took on the way home from Mt Ruapehu.  And the Panoramic shot consists of 7 photos taken between the High Noon and Jumbo T-Bars at Turoa. 


Check them out



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