Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old Post 6

The long arduous task that has become well known as Movember has begun once again.  As is quickly becoming tradition, I began the month clean shaven (including my head, not just my face), and have proceeded to grow what I'd like to call a Mo.  I've put a couple of pics on the Photos page for everyone to laugh at, so go ahead and have a laugh.  This year I'm thinking I should really sign up to the whole sponsership thing, but we'll see what happens.  If I get my arse into gear, you'll no doubt hear from me wanting some money.  It's all for a good cause though... Mens Health.

In most recent years I've donated to the Breast Cancer foundation, in the hope that my future wife will have fantastic boobs, and won't have to have them removed due to disease.  I figure the least women could do is sponser a guy, so that his fun stick doesn't fall off either.

Anyway, on to other things...

Like I mentioned previously, I'm living in Surfers Paradise and am loving it!  They don't call it paradise for nothing.  Hot Girls, Warm nights, Cool parties... you can't go wrong!  Hell, I even have a semi decent tan!

I'm looking forward to the rest of summer kicking back on the beach. To top it off, I'm heading back to NZ for a wedding in what is usually the scortching hot Hawkes Bay, and I don't see any reason why it won't be this summer.  Then a few weeks later, home again to celebrate my folks 30th Wedding Anniversary in the Sunny Bay of Plenty, then straight on to Bali for another wedding!  Tis the season of Happy Days comin up!

On that note, I'll leave it there... Things to do, places to go, people to see.

If I don't see you before, or around Christmas, have a goodie.

Remember, Don't Drink and Route!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Post 5

Well, as per usual, I have been useless and haven't updated the site since about October 2007.  It's now May 2008, and a ridiculous amount has happened.

Probably the biggest thing, is I have moved to Aus.  I joined the masses of New Zealanders  moving to Australia every year.  Except in my case, I was offered the Job without even looking.  I moved over at the end of April, and was pretty quick to find a flat and get sorted for all that side of things.  I'm living just outside the heart of Surfers Paradise, although it is only a 10minute walk to Central Surfers.  My job is up in Beenleigh, which is about a 45minute drive away, however being without a car means it's taking me around 90 minutes to bus and train it.  Makes things a mission each morning being up at 6am, but its usually bright and warming up by then, so nothing to major to deal with.

Heaps of other things have happened.  In March I finally completed all my Exams by upgrading my MCSE in Windows 2000 (which I completed in October 2007) to Windows Server 2003.  My new job has me doing a course in SQL Server 2005, so thats proving to be quite interesting and different.  It certainly takes being a real geek to fully understand SQL.  Here's hoping I don't become a Coder!!  Ha ha!!

Numerous 'Weekend Activities' took place in the first few months of 2008.  Let me see, there was an Engagement Party, the Wellington 7's (brilliant as always), a Stag weekend, a Wedding and the other usual weekend boozing and shenanigans.

2008 started with quite a drop... I jumped out of a plane from 12,000 feet!!  Sky Diving had to be the biggest rush ever!!  Certainly better than any roller coaster.  You can check out the photo's here.

Anyway, believe it or not, last year is all a blur now.  I can't help but think how crazy it is how things work out... Who would have thought when I came back from the UK, that I would have been moving to Aus within the year.

One last thing... To remember the Men and Women who had served as ANZAC's, I made sure to attend the Dawn Service in Surfers Paradise.  It was also a great opportunity to remember the amazing trip to Turkey that we went on last year for ANZAC day.  I sure hope you all got up at a sparrows fart to do the same thing!!