Monday, October 29, 2007

Old Post 4

It's been a few months now since I've updated the website.  So much has happened.  I reluctantly came home to New Zealand to earn some cash, I picked up a job to earn me that cash at one of my old clients from DTSL, I passed my final MCSE 2000 Exams, to become an MCSE in Windows 2000, I saw Linkin Park play for the second time this year in Auckland, I met some of the Band members for the second time this year (and played Blackjack with them), and I started a business!!

So although I'm back home in Wellington, things certainly haven't been bad.  Although the length of time it took me to get my job, was starting to worry me.

Anyway, all of that can be written up another day.  I've just finished writing about the Linkin Park concert I went to in Auckland last weekend.  Like in Prague, I can't really describe it, but to put a word to it, it was Awesome!  Photo's are here so check them out...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Linkin Park in Auckland, October 2007

Trip to Auckland  11/10/07 - 14/10/07

When I posted the details about seeing Linkin Park in Prague, I didn't say a hell of a lot.  It was because I was so stoked to have seen them, that I couldn't really come up with the words to describe it.  Well, this post will be very similar, because they played better than in Prague!!

When I met the Band in Prague, I got speaking to Phoenix (the bassist), who asked me if I would come and see them if they played in New Zealand.  Naturally I said yes, and so would a whole heap more people.  About a month later, I read that they were indeed coming to New Zealand, and I had already booked my flights home.  So that sealed the deal.  I was of course dead keen to get tickets to the show, and while waiting for the pre-sale date to roll around, I got a txt from Mark, asking if I was going (silly question) and that he'd be keen to go (of all the people!!).  Anyway, I brought the tickets after hearing that Adam was keen to go as well, and spent the next 2 months, waiting for the concert.  (A lot happened in between, but thats another story)

So the days counted down, and finally we left on Thursday the 11th of October.  We drove from Wellington to Auckland, along the way stopping off in Taupo for a quick round of Hole In One, and arrived at around 18:30.  After checking into the hostel (ACB XBase Backpackers), met up with Becs (who I'd met at Fort Minor in 2006), and headed to the pub for $7 jugs.  By 9pm, when the $7 deal ended, we were smashed!!  Eventually we ended up in bed, at around 4am, but thats only a guess.

I awoke the morning of the concert dying of thirst, as the hostel rooms were ridiculously hot.  I headed for the Bathroom to get some water, and was 2 meters away, when I passed out.  Purely from dehydration of course.  Nothing to do with the massive quantity of alcohol I had consumed the night before.  So there I am lying on the floor, carpet burn and a developing lump on my forehead from hitting the ground, when I hear the lift open.  As I push myself up, a girl from reception steps out and asks if I am Ok.  I put on my best 'perfectly normal, what are you talking about' voice, and reply that I'm fine.  I take another step towards the bathroom, and fall straight back on the floor, this time on my back.  The girl helps me up and into the bathroom where I drowned myself in water to rehydrate.

So all in all, a brilliant start to the weekend.

We went to DressSmart that afternoon in Onehunga for a look around, and headed back to the hostel for some sleep before the concert.  Becs had managed to score a meet and greet pass, so she left earlier.

Mark, Adam and I headed down to the Vector Arena and arrived at around 20:00, in time to see Chris Cornell finishing his set.  It was bullcrap!!  The tickets said that doors opened at 19:30, but aparently it was supposed to be 18:30.  Anyway, I wasn't there to see Chris Cornell.

Like I said at the start of this post, I am lost for words to describe the show.  All I can say, is that they played 100 times better than in Prague.  I would assume because the crowd was way more into the show.  So thanks New Zealand for cranking out a good audience, to make it an awesome show.

After the show, and this is where this post gets really cool, we headed back to the Hostel, got changed, and headed up to the Casino.  When Adam said, "isn't that the guitarist from Linkin Park", I almost didn't look, expecting it to be a joke, but sure enough, there next to a Blackjack table was Brad Delson, Chester Bennington (singer) and Phoenix.  I could not believe it.  After sitting at another Blackjack table and getting nowhere for 10 minutes, Mark saw that the dealer on the table that the LP guys were at was his 'lucky dealer', so he headed over and sat down.  Not to be outdone, I headed over, and pick up a seat next to Phoenix and Chester, telling them that the show was awesome and better than Prague.  The guys were brilliant, talking away to those of us at the table as if they were regular people and having a good time.  Hell, they even loaned me some chips when I was almost out, just so I could carry on.

I kinda feel bad for the rest of the weekend, because even though it was nice and relaxing, it simply didn't compare to that night.  And unless something massivly awesome happens in the near future, that night will be the most amazing night of my life... Ever!!

So there it is, our trip to Auckland.  All I can say is "When's the next one!!"