Monday, October 29, 2007

Old Post 4

It's been a few months now since I've updated the website.  So much has happened.  I reluctantly came home to New Zealand to earn some cash, I picked up a job to earn me that cash at one of my old clients from DTSL, I passed my final MCSE 2000 Exams, to become an MCSE in Windows 2000, I saw Linkin Park play for the second time this year in Auckland, I met some of the Band members for the second time this year (and played Blackjack with them), and I started a business!!

So although I'm back home in Wellington, things certainly haven't been bad.  Although the length of time it took me to get my job, was starting to worry me.

Anyway, all of that can be written up another day.  I've just finished writing about the Linkin Park concert I went to in Auckland last weekend.  Like in Prague, I can't really describe it, but to put a word to it, it was Awesome!  Photo's are here so check them out...

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