Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Barcelona, May 2007

A run down of the Saucy Tour to Barcelona, 06/05 - 09/05, 2007

Well, what happens on Tour, stays on Tour...  So this will be fairly short and sweet.

We (Grant, Stingray, Duane and myself) departed Bath for Bristol at around 6pm on the 6th of May, and with bottles of Magners in hand, made our way to the Bristol airport.  While we were queuing up there, Grant happened to spot Stacy Jones with his French Rugby League team, so we had a photo taken with him, which Duane managed to Fuck up by blurring it!!

Anyway, the drinking continued on the plane, with doubles of either Vodka or Bacardi.  And once we arrived in Barcelona (having sobered up a little on the hour long bus ride from the airport) the drinking again continued at various fine establishments (otherwise known as strip clubs).

Each day began with a healthy pint or two of what ever we could get our hands on, whether it be San Miguel Beer, or to our surprise, Magners Cider!!  Because of this healthy breakfast, we were simply topping up on the alcohol from the night before.

Due to the nature of previous Saucy Tours, we were all very surprised when we discovered that we had actually been to see quite a few things in Barcelona, such as the Barcelona FC stadium, various beaches and numerous Piazza's around the place.  Hop-on, Hop-off buses are great for that.

Our final few hours were spent on a beach, sipping cocktails.  It was during this time, that all of us decided that Barcelona/Spain would be a great place to live.  And so began our dreams of opening a St Christophers Hostel in Barcelona.  As Duane said, the day that one opens, is the day that he becomes a Janitor in Barcelona.  I fully support that idea, and I will be right there with him.

Like I said, What happens on tour, stays on tour... but check out the Barcelona photo page here to see pics, and an awesome video of Duane at his finest.

P.S.  Barcelona was seriously a great place, and I'm keen to see more of Spain.  I can certainly understand why so many British people retire to Spain.

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