Friday, June 22, 2007

Old Post 3

Well, here I am, updating the blog.  Over the past month, I experienced a level of Excitement that I have never had before.  As you may have read below, I was to meet Linkin Park in Prague.

Well, I met Linkin Park in Prague.  First I was interviewed for the LPU TV, then I got my album signed, had a conversation with the Bassist, Phoenix, and watched them play a wicked set, that included 6 songs from the new album as well as some older stuff.  The crazy thing is, that because I was so stoked, I really don't know how to describe it all.  I guess all I can say, is that it was a dream come true, and I really hope I can see them again, this time in New Zealand.

Oh, on another, slightly disappointing note...  I have booked a flight home to New Zealand.  Basically I have got to a point where I need to get back into the IT world so that I can keep up to date with all the changes that have been happening this year, and no-one here in the UK will even get back to me about Job applications for IT work.  So back to NZ it is, where I should be able to slot into something relatively easily, save some coin, and head back over for a holiday at some stage.  So on that note... See some of you soon.

P.S.   I leave the UK on the 7th of August, and arrive in Tauranga on the 9th.

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