Friday, June 15, 2007

Prague and Linkin Park, June 2007

My trip to Prague!!  10/06/07 - 13/06/07

UPDATE...  I've gone through and put in some place names that I couldn't remember when I first wrote this, but have found out now, so it should all make a little more sense.

So anyway, Helen and I went to Prague last week, and saw quite a lot.  We managed to see everything that people go to see in a day and a bit.  The central area isn't really that big, and we were able to walk pretty much everywhere.  It is a really beautiful city, and incredibly clean.  When you compare it to the littered streets of England, it's great.

We saw a bunch of stuff, that right now, I can't remember the names of.  But things like the Old Town Square with the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge and the massive Cathedral (St Vitus Cathedral) up at the Castle are definately things that I remember.

On our last day there, we also took a day trip out to a small town (Kutna Hora), which was really cool.  It was great to see some of the countryside outside of Prague.  I wish that we had had time to take a guided walk around Prague now, just so that we could have learned more about the city, rather than reading it from a book.

Anyway, Prague was a really beautiful place, with a tonne of history that I would love to go back to.  Especially for a piss trip with the lads!!  Ha ha.

Oh, I also went to see Linkin Park play, and met the band and got my album signed.  I don't really have to say how excited and stoked I was, because those who know me, know exactly how I would have felt.

Wooooo hoooooooooooooo!!!!!

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